Where do I get Trusted Eccouncil 312-50 Questions for CEHv10 Exam?

If you are someone who is planning to attempt the 312-50 certification exam or attempted it already and failed, you must know the importance of being familiar to the exam before attempting it.

Answering the EC-Council 312-50 Questions in the first attempt is not as an easy fleet to achieve, especially when you are prone to get uncomfortable because of the pressure of the real exam environment.

These two factors alone fail hundreds of candidates every year. The sad part is not many solution providers thought about working on these factors. The good news is that there is one company who decided to invest their research and resources into developing a program which takes cares of these problems specifically. You must be aware of the various programs which you can buy online to assist you to pass the certification exam.

First of all, you will find that the majority of those programs are usually spams, and the somewhat relevant ones are not good enough to make sure that you pass the exam in the first attempt.

The only program which you will find to be able to assist you to pass the exam in the first attempt is offered by CertificationGenie. They are the only ones who realized the importance of working on the factors which we mentioned earlier and came up with a program which takes care of all the problems faced by the candidates.

So how did they do it? That question will be answered by the discussion of the features of their program. They are offering a program in the following two formats:

Preparation material in PDF formatPractice Exam Software

312-50 Exam Questions PDF:

For the clients who don’t require advanced training to help them pass the certification exam in the first attempt, CERTIFICATIONGENIE is providing Certified Ethical Hacker CEHv10 (312-50) preparation material in PDF format. After the market analysis, CERTIFICATIONGENIE realized that the clients want to have the preparation material in a format which they can easily access.

So they decided to provide their solution in PDF format because it is supported by mobile phones and tablets. The same professionals also helped to design this format of the program as well. So you don’t need to worry about the relevancy of the content with the real exam. So these were the features of the program offered by CERTIFICATIONGENIE. We hope this discussion will help you in your buying decision. 

312-50 Practice Exam Software:

The main highlight of the program offered by CERTIFICATIONGENIE is their Practice Exam Software. The software is designed to be an advanced tool to help prepare their clients to pass the exam 312-50 (CEH v10) in the first attempt. The primary focus behind creating the program is to make sure that their clients don’t have to attempt the exam multiple times.

Following are the features of the program which makes it the best one available in the market:

312-50 Mock Exam:

As the name suggests, the purpose of designing the program was to allow the candidates to practice for the exam before actually attempting it. They made it happen by allowing them the ability to attempt a mock exam. They had to design the mock exam exactly like the actual exam to achieve the desired results. 

They did exactly right. They managed to design the mock exam exactly like the actual exam. From the format of the exam, the time allowed to the questions included in the exam, everything is designed to be extremely similar to the actual exam.  The mock exam alone can help you prepare to a level where you can easily pass the EC-Council certification exam in the first attempt.


Another advantage you get with the program offered by CERTIFICATIONGENIE is the ability to do self-assessment. Since the program is designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to get a clear picture of where do you stand in terms of your preparations.

In short, you will be able to conduct a self-assessment. After that, you will be able to plan your preparations better.

Tracking progression:

To make the mock exam more effective, CERTIFICATIONGENIE included the feature of tracking your progression in the 312-50 Practice Exam Software. There is a high probability that you will make certain mistakes while you attempt the mock exam. The software will save all the data of your mistakes and changes from your previous attempts. 

You can then view all those mistakes and can identify your weak points. That could prove to be so useful when you are trying to pass the exam in the first attempt. The software will make sure that you won’t make the same mistake twice. So when you have to attempt the same question in the 312-50 real exam, there will be no chance of any error.

Consultation from thousands of professionals:

While there are many programs available online, the only way CERTIFICATIONGENIE could have differentiated themselves from the rest of the competition was to make sure that they are providing the most relevant content to their clients.

Meaning that the questions, answers, and topics included in the program should be similar and relevant to the actual exam questions. There would be no point in preparing from a program which includes questions not likely to be in the real exam.

So in order to take care of this major problem, CERTIFICATIONGENIE consulted more than 90,000 professionals from all around the world. All of these professionals did their part in deciding which topics to include in the program, and they made sure that there is no room left for any error. So you can put all of your efforts in preparing from their program without the fear of having to face a different exam.

All of it will lead you to pass the exam in the first attempt. 

Money back guarantee:

If you thought all of these features are not legit, CERTIFICATIONGENIE is backing them up with a money back guarantee. 

It's simple. You buy their program, follow all the instructions and still manages to fail the exam in the first attempt. You will get all of your money back.